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Housing-The Bay area has a serious housing crisis, with many people being completely priced out of the housing market. This includes our teachers, key to maintaining Cupertino’s strong reputation for its school systems. A recent survey showed that 60% of our high school teachers were planning to move in the next five years. We need to find ways to selectively add to Cupertino’s housing stock while protecting our current single family neighborhood look and feel. The upcoming Vallco project provides one example of how we can accomplish this goal.

Transportation- Local and area wide traffic is the second biggest challenge for the City. Obviously related to the housing challenge, we need fresh approaches to this problem. The old concepts of dedicated bus lanes and light rail right of way, displacing the existing vehicle lanes has not worked and will increasingly be yesterday’s approach to the problem.  We need to plan for a future of autonomous vehicles that can maintain the convenience of the single occupancy car, while possibly connecting up “virtually” to provide the equivalent of a bus or train. These “vehicles” can be provided with special access lanes or other fast track capabilities. Please see the following videos for ideas of what this might look like:

Next short video

Next prototype

Vison Urbanetic

Fiscal responsibility- The City has a strong financial history, but the revenues are highly tied to sales taxes, from our local large and small businesses. We need to maintain a positive relationship with the business community to continue to provide the high level of City services that we have come to expect.

Regional cooperation- All of the challenges above go far beyond our City limits. We need to continue to work with our neighboring cities, the County, and the State to create positive outcomes to the issues referenced above. We have a great City that can lead the way to create a brighter future for the entire Bay Area.  

Preserve and enhance our parks and open space- We need to complete the City’s Park Master Plan and add enhanced amenities in Memorial Park, investigate a possible accessible and inclusive playground, and extend our great trail system

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