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Cupertino Chamber of Commerce

Savita Vaidhyanathanl, Cupertino City Council and former Mayor


Barry Chang, Cupertino City Council and former Mayor

Dolly Sandoval, Cupertino former Mayor

Richard Lowenthal, Cupertino former Mayor

Sandy James, Former Cupertino Mayor


Anjali Kausar, Cupertino Union School Board

Soma McCandless, Cupertino Union School Board


David Fung, Cupertino Planning Commissioner


John Hirokawa, former Santa Clara County Under-sheriff


Hung Wei, FUHSD Trustee


Jeff Moe, FUHSD Trustee


Bill Wilson, FUHSD Trustee

Jo Lucey, former CUSD Board


Rob McCoy, Cupertino Public Safety Commissioner

Pearl Cheng, Foothill DeAnza Trustee

John Chiang, State Treasurer

Sam Liccardo, San Jose Mayor

Chappie Jones, San Jose Councilman

Jose Esteves, Former Milpitas Mayor

Kansen Chu, California Assembly Member

Dave Cortese, County Supervisor


Mahesh Nihilani, Community Leader


Hsing Kung, Community Leader


Tony Spitaleri, Sunnyvale former Mayor













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Jo Lucey
Fix It Online Fix It Pro Online
Emily Lee Kelley Self
Jim & Sharon Walker
Reena Rao

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