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  • Geoff Paulsen
    commented 2018-10-28 11:22:12 -0700
    I just returned from a five-day vacation, and am available to walk precincts or help in other ways starting today (Sunday, Oct 28). Please let me know how I can help (where to pick up materials, maps, etc.) Thanks – Geoff
  • S Wang
    commented 2018-10-17 10:07:08 -0700
    I am a concerned citizen of Cupertino, and I have a couple questions regarding the Vallco Tier 2 plan and your bid for City Council member.

    If Sandhill builds the Tier 2 plan and does not deliver something outlined in the plan, are there penalties you can put on Sandhill for reneging? Legal action? As city council members, is there anything you or the other members can do to “hold their feet to the fire”?

    Also, do you know why you and existing city council members decided to go for the new City Hall instead of dedicating more of the money for schools? 30 million dollars for a fancy office vs. 19 million dollars for schools. Between $30 million for the City Hall and $23 million for the Amphitheater, isn’t it unfair that schools only get 1/4 of the community benefits when they will bare the brunt of the costs? As city council member, would you do anything to remedy this? Would existing funds to build City Hall to implement the 2015 fund, where will that money go?
  • Marney Salter
    commented 2018-10-10 17:34:16 -0700
    I live at 7559 Normandy Way and I would be honored to have our sign in our yard.
  • Connie Cunningham
    commented 2018-10-05 12:28:06 -0700
    I would like to put your sign in my front yard. I have one for Savita Vaidhyanathan and have asked for one from Hung Wei.
  • Eric McKinlay
    commented 2018-09-24 13:12:30 -0700
    I would like to get a sign to put up in front of my house.
  • Madeleine Kasof
    commented 2018-09-24 11:00:40 -0700
    Sorry I missed you, too as I could have offered viable solutions to your wish to help solve our traffic problem..don’t endorse a Valco plan that adds to our problem..7 22 story buildings do not belong in Cupertino..remember that Cupertino voters rejected an even smaller plan..represent Cupertino, not developers!..I will not support you if you are taking this road..feel free to publish my text.
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